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Forging a healthier world, one rare sugar at a time

Sugar is everywhere


While you may be jumping on the bandwagon of the newest low-sugar diet craze, the truth is it’s actually quite challenging to avoid consumption of added sugars.  There are 61 different names for sugar used by F&B companies, which makes it easy to hide sugar in plain sight.


Moreover, the use of added sugar is very common and covers a wide range of products. In the US for example, 74% of the packaged food found at your local store contains added sugar.

Sugars are difficult to replace, as they provide bulk, consistency, heat-response, baking, and freezing capabilities—much more than just a sweet sensation. This is why stevia and other natural/artificial sweeteners have failed to replace plain sugar as the primary sweeter of choice.


ZIS Food Science is creating the technological means to transform sugar-rich food & beverages into healthier, low-sugar products, without affecting their taste.

Rare sugars such as Allulose and others, considered ideal sugar replacements because they have a similar taste profile and sweetness to sugar, but don’t have the aftertaste of many artificial sugars. In addition, rare sugars also share similar technical and textural characteristics with natural sugars.​ Remarkably, those qualities come with very low to nearly no caloric value.  

ZIS’s rare sugar portfolio is safe to use also by diabetic patients.


Fruits and vegetables contain, from within, high levels of sucrose, glucose, and, fructose. To date, there is no technological solution for the conversion of endogenous sugars to rare sugars. 

*This bitter truth applies to every fruit- and vegetable-based products, including fresh juices, condiments, jams, ice cream, candy and dairy.

100% fresh squeeze Juice

Serving size 1 glass (250 ml) Total sugars 24 gr Total Calories 97 calories

Sweetened Soda

Serving size 1 glass (250 ml) Total sugars 26.5 gr Total Calories 105 calories

BBQ sauce

Serving size 2 tbsp (30ml) Total sugars 10 gr Total Calories 40 calories

Low fat fruit yogurt

Serving size 1 container (150gr) Total sugars 18 gr Total Calories 119 calories

Jam / confiture

Serving size 2 tbsp (34gr) Total sugars 14-20 gr Total Calories 40 calories

Granola bar

Serving size 1 bar (25 gr) Total sugars 8 gr Total Calories 97 calories 97 calories Total Calories


Serving size: 2 tbsp (30ml) Total sugars 8 gr Total Calories 40 calories


coca cola

Serving size 

1 glass (250 ml)

Total sugars

20 gr


Total Calories

300 kl

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