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Enabling a healthy lifestyle without compromising the product's taste


Allulose: The Ideal Sugar Replacement

Naturally occurring
Similar properties to sugar
None or minimal calorie content
Regulatory approval (FDA)

         Affordable  &
         Large-scale production

Our contribution

Playing with Donuts


A naturally occurring rare sugar 

A glimpse into the future:
The Next Generation of Sugar Replacements

Rare sugars, such as Allulose and others, are considered ideal sugar replacements because they have a similar taste profile and sweetness to sugar but don’t have the aftertaste of many artificial sugars. In addition, rare sugars also share similar technical and textural characteristics with natural sugars.​ Remarkably, those qualities come with very low to nearly no caloric value.  

Ambrosia Bio’s rare sugar portfolio is safe to use also by diabetic patients.

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